Friday, December 5, 2008

my family and i were at at a lecture by an artist, she was old and spoke very softly. the people behind us kept talking and were generally very rude. After the lecture was over they were serving refreshments in the hall, but they didn't have enough fruit salad and that upset me. then a friend came up and said an old rival of mine was here and wanted to box me. i went to find my dad and ask him what to do, since this rival was a cheater and the match against him was the first i ever lost. i didn't have gloves with me either. he told me to wait, in a few minutes he came back with an old leather football helmet filled with old-style boxing gloves. he pulled out each pair and explained who they belonged to, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey. he'd bought them at auction along with a set of baseball cards from the 1940s.

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