Friday, December 19, 2008

my sister and i were rearranging furniture in our apartment. after my sister left, i played Super Nintendo. our roommate, whose bed was in the living room woke up. she asked me for directions to the nearest art museum. i told her i'd walk her there since i had to go to work anyway. on the way, we talked about cathedrals in France. later, while i was at work, i was meeting with my boss and several other "important people" types. we were interrupted by the loud noise of an airplane engine. we went out on the balcony, which overlooked a street and square, to see a Cessna, painted in Fed Ex Air colors, spraying fuel. one of the guys with us commented that it wouldn't make it over the next row of house. the plane swerved to try and land in the street, but it crashed into a church across the square.

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