Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my sister and i were driving around in a tank with two other people hunting large snakes. we forgot to bring a box. the first snake we caught, which was white and about three feet long, i had to hold in my lap. the snake bit my arm, but no one seemed particularly concerned despite the fact that they previously mentioned it was poisonous. we drove to a fast food place and the guy who was driving the tank went inside. i was standing in the parking lot waiting. i dropped the snake and a car ran over it. all that was left in an un-mushed state was the head. i picked that back up. the guy came back with a hot spoon, he said if i put in on the snake bite i would be okay. when everyone else saw the dead snake they became very upset with me and we drove back to the hotel. people were bungee jumping off the roof of the hotel using fire hoses.

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